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The Hawaiian Island Paranormal Research Society was chosen one of Honolulu Magazine's "101 Best of Honolulu Winners" and were featured in the March 2011 issue. Thank you to Honolulu Magazine and their staff for this honor.

Best Non-Profit "Ghost Busters"

Every night, Tutu wakes you up with her snoring. But Tutu’s been dead for 20 years! Who you gonna call? Our favorite ghost hunters, Hawaiian Island Paranormal Research Society, that’s who. Preston Galera and his team of investigators spend hours researching and interviewing potential cases for the nonprofit organization, taking on only the ones they deem legit. “Most of what we do is education, so people can stop being afraid,” says Galera.

Contact the team  1-(855)-NOGHOST.

Check out T.Az.P.R.S. website. Frank Madrid and his team are dear friends of Hawaiian Island Paranormal Research Society as well as mentors in our growth in our Paranormal Research venture.




DONE Hawaii Private Tours

 It is your vacation, make it your tour !

Our private tours are designed around you- Customized on where you want to go, what you want to do, and on no one else's time... but yours.  The Aloha Spirit is an innate quality our tour guides have from being born and raised in these islands. Let us share it with you, on a personal level. Our goal, is to make you feel at home, to feel welcomed, to help you explore our beautiful island.
E Komo Mai and explore with us.

To book your private tours, 
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Other contact information:

Ph# 808-840-0127
Email: concierge@donetourshawaii.com

See what your Private tour could look like by visiting DONE Hawaii's YouTube channel.
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Call us Toll-Free

Email us at contact@highosthunters.com

If you need help proving or disproving a haunting, and want a friendly, reliable, and professional investigation to be carried out in your home or place of work, contact us. The Hawaiian Island Ghost Hunters will investigate with our collection of equipment and experience at no charge. We will provide you with objective evidence that we can present to you via our video equipment, audio equipment, and our various meters and instruments.  We will also put in our best efforts to give you the most complete answer possible using a variety of other means and methods that can be disclosed upon inquiry.  

We are not Scientists or Priests. We are normal, everyday people with a passion to help others and pursue answers regarding the Paranormal.

 This is an "orb" free website.

HIPRS will not publish or claim such false positives as orbs, mists,
streamers, vortexes, time shifts, etc. as evidence.  Please see our 

false positives page for more information.


Stories & Encounters

Do you have a story that you would like to share?  Have you had and experience or encounter with the paranormal?  Or do you have any questions that you are seeking answers for?  Email us by clicking this link and we will create a "Stories and Encounters" page where everyone who views our site can read your stories.  We will also comment on certain stories that we can provide our input.  Please state if you would like your name to be listed as anonymous.  

"We are very proud to present you and The Hawaiian Island Paranormal Research Society with our 2013 TAzPRS Para-Heart Award for excellence in paranormal investigation. Over the years it has been a privilege and an honor watching H.I.P.R.S. grow into the experienced, well respected paranormal investigation group the world sees today. What your group presents to the community sets standards for those watching and learning from you. TAzPRS is proud of your accomplishments. It has been a great experience to know you and your group and we are looking forward to future joint investigations with our friends across the pacific ocean. 

Mahalo to you and yours."

Big Mahalo to "Uncle" Frank and the TAzPRS team for this honor. You have helped us so much throughout the years and have inspired us to do the best that we can while remaining humble and true! From the early years of HIGH, you took us under your wings and helped us to open our eyes to REAL techniques and methods of researching and investigating the Paranormal! Much aloha to our AZ ohana!

Paranormal Weather

Ready to go out on an investigation? Check out these sites to see everything from weather patterns in your region to solar activity and moon phases.

Click for Forecast for 96786 from weatherUSA.net
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